A Few Announcements…

Welcome back! Okay this really is my last post! I keep trying to go, but then I suddenly remember all the stuff that I didn’t tell you!

I finally got Instagram for my blog! I have Pinterest if you want to go and follow me on there too! I don’t think anyone really follows it yet, as I only got it yesterday! My user name is just Kiwi Katastrophes if you want to check it out!

In more exciting news… I’m going to Lanzarote! I found out last night! I leave on the 2nd of January! Unfortunately that means there probably won’t be any posts that week. I’ll definitely post as soon as I get back though with loads of sun, sea and sand photos!

Okay, that really is it this time! I think! Also this has been confusing me for ages, what would you define ‘a few’ as? I googled it and apparently, it’s between two and seven- two just doesn’t seem very much though!

Well, wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Have a fabulous New Year and I’ll see you when I’m back!



  1. Hope you have fun on your vacay (I just inwardly cringed for saying that 😂)
    I’ve thought about this a lot and I would say:
    A couple=2
    A few=3
    And then I think anything else goes for the rest! ♥️😂
    Oh, and merry Christmas! ☃️

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  2. Waaaa? Gurl your going to Lanzarote without me???
    Jk. Your REALLY lucky, I had to google the place because I did not know what it was XD
    Oh I’ll definitely miss you!

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  3. Oh that’s super exciting! I’d love to check out your insta, but since I don’t have it I can’t search names or anything…. do you think you could possible drop a link to me here?! I’m looking you up on Pinterest now (I have that 😂 )x

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