Does Sugar Cause Breakouts?

Welcome back one and all! I hope you’re Tuesday is as fabulous as you are! I’ve always suffered with acne, from being about 12 it got really bad. Now I’m 15 it’s safe to say that I’ve certainly had enough!

In my haste to clear my skin, I’ve undertaken countless hours of research on anything and everything that can affect your skin. From silk pillowcases to chugging cucumber water, I’ve read it all! However, the one thing I haven’t considered yet is sugar.

Unfortunately I have an extremely sweet tooth! If I’m hungry or just bored, forget the apples I’m eating cake and biscuits! Not only do I need to cut my sugar intake down for my overall lifestyle, it would be a great opportunity to test whether sugar affects skin.

After reading a huge range of online sources, each offering different takes, I decided to put it to the test!

Does Sugar Cause Breakouts?

I cut down my sugar intake over the course of a month. Skin can take a while to adjust to a new regime so it’s important to give it time to adjust, you can’t expect a miracle overnight!


Breakfast- my usual was a quick breakfast bar on my way to school, with a glass of either orange or cranberry juice, super sugary breakfast!

Lunch- I’ve never really been a lunch person! I stuck to a ham or turkey sandwich, but with no butter or margarine- I don’t like them! Often though I would buy a yazzoo- not a great choice!

Dinner- Being 15, there is only so much control that I have over my dinner, as it is usually a family meal! However, I would always include either tomato or barbecue sauce.


Breakfast- I’ve now switched to having fruit or porridge for breakfast. Of course there are still natural sugars on fruits but these are far better than heaps on my cereal bars! I complete this with a glass of water.

Lunch- I still stick to my sandwiches however I have switched up the milkshake for water. I’ve also stopped buying deserts with my lunch. Brownies and cookies weren’t doing a lot for me!

Dinner- Again, most meals for dinner are planned in advance however I have cut down on the sauces when they’re not necessary. I drink mainly water at dinner too, so drinks weren’t an issue here.

The Results



Thank you for reading! For me personally, cutting down sugar over the month did have a huge impact on my skin. My skin is already far clearer and glowy! Cutting out sugar also had huge benefits in my overall health too, already I’ve had more energy. I think results will be down to your personal skin type, but I recommend trying it! Have a great week and I’ll see you next time!


  1. I’m glad it’s working for you! I’ve had similar skin issues since I was 11 or 12, and it’s only recently started clearing up because of some new products I’ve been using. But ugh, they’re so expensive $$$. XD

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    • It’s so annoying isn’t it! You finally find something that works but they always cost so much! Mine started at 11 and 12 too, it’s taken ages to get it under control! Thank you for the lovely comment and I’m sorry I took so long, I had to take a break as I had a few exams on x

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